TJ Wies – Passing the Torch

Text of former President and Chief Operating Officer of TJ Wies, Tim Weis:

Tim Wies

In accordance with TJ Wies Contracting’s long term strategic plan, it is with great pride that I am announcing that Cameron Wies is assuming the office of President and Chief Operating Officer of TJ Wies Contracting effective immediately.  

In his new role, Cameron will be responsible for providing day to day oversight, direction and support for the TJ Wies Leadership Team as well as all of our TJ Wies teammates. 

Over the past several years Cameron has proven himself as a leader, a teammate, a supporter, and problem solver. Cameron brings many of the same character traits to TJ Wies that you are accustomed to seeing.  

He is a very good communicator who is comfortable both asking for and listening to others’ opinions as well as formulating and respectfully expressing his own opinion.

He is creative and innovative in both his problem solving and also in setting the direction of TJ Wies’ future.  

He is a skillful collaborator/teambuilder who looks for ways for everyone to be successful.

He is committed to keeping the family aspect of TJ Wies Contracting while looking for growth opportunities for the company, therefore providing growth opportunities for those family members who seek to further develop in their careers.

He has the courage to do the right thing all of the time, no matter how costly.

Cameron also brings a different set of skills to TJ Wies than you have seen from me in the past and I am sure that you will appreciate these upgrades.

He is extremely organized which helps him stay on task, he assigns projects with adequate notice and then holds himself and others accountable for completion of their assignments within the timeframe.

He is a “finisher”, he stays involved in projects to see them through to completion, he does not jump from one “shiny object” to another. He tends to set a well thought out pace and waits for project completion and implementation success before starting another project.

He is very data driven, he sources and analyzes as much data as he can find before making a decision. He is always ready, aim, shoot as opposed to what you have seen in the past with my gut decisions.

As for me, I will be retaining my title of Chief Executive Officer and part time DFS, “Director of Fun Shit”. I will be available for consultation for Cameron, the Leadership Team, and anyone else who might have questions or concerns, but I will not be involved in the day to day activities of TJ Wies Contracting. I have the utmost confidence in Cameron and the Leadership Team, I am excited for the future of TJ Wies Contracting and am looking forward to watching where you all take this company over the years.  

My goal was to create a “Century Company”, which is one that has been successful for over 100 years, we have had 29 extremely successful years and it is time for Cameron and all of you to move it forward the next 29 years while developing the next group to continue on after that.   

Thank you to everyone who has been part of TJ Wies Contracting’s success over the years, first and foremost all of our TJ Wies family members both past and present, you have made us the company that we are.

Secondly to our customers – without you we are nothing, thank you for trusting us with your work and with your reputation, your reputation is on the line on every project you have and if we do not perform, your reputation suffers, that’s why your trust is critical to our success.  

To our suppliers, your skillful handling of pricing, inventory and logistics has allowed us to concentrate on what makes us successful -BUILDING, your services are paramount to our success.

To our Labor Supply Partners, we may have not always agreed on everything, but in most instances we have been on the same page, do what is right for the industry. You have been an integral part of our success over the years – Thank you

To our Service Providers – thank you for providing advice, mentorship, education and most importantly for keeping me from making more stupid decisions than I did.

Cameron Wies

Incoming President and CEO, Cameron Wies’ comments:

My vision for the future:

In the short term, we have a lot of transition to go through in the next couple of years. My personal goal is to help support everyone who has made this company truly great as they transition into retirement and pass along their duties and responsibilities to others.

Overall my goal is to always stay positive, to never back away for any worthwhile challenge and to continue to build with the help of each and every one of you a place we always enjoy to going to each and everyday and a career we are all proud of on the day we choose to retire.  

Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way, I truly could not have done it without you.

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