Trace on the Parkway Makes Innovative Move to Utilize Solar Energy


Trace on the Parkway, located at the intersection of Governors Parkway and Route 157 in Edwardsville, now has an additional reason to be considered a unique development. The residential living complex will be one of the first in the area to be primarily powered by solar energy.

Trace on the Parkway Developer, Scott Plocher, said a 291.2 Kilowatt solar array system was installed on the apartment buildings this month. The array is net-metered and should provide at least 60 percent of the expected electricity needs to the Trace, with standard electric providing the remainder. The system is made up of 728 each 400-watt individual solar panels, with an 85 percent performance guarantee for 25 years, plus 6 DC to AC power inverters.

“We decided to add solar as a long-term investment in green energy for this unique facility,” said Plocher. “Part of what makes Trace unique is the easy access it provides to outdoor spaces and recreational opportunities and we want to do what we can to encourage environmental stewardship. We believe the solar panels will add to the distinctive qualities of this development,” said Plocher.

Day and Night Solar provided the solar solution for the project. Plocher said the company did utilize several state and federal tax credit incentives to help supplement some of the initial installation cost for the project.

Edwardsville Community Development Director, Walt Williams said, thanks in part to current tax incentives, it’s an idea he’d like to see more local businesses consider.

“As a community that strongly believes in maintaining its green spaces, we are excited to see Trace on the Parkway make an environmentally sound move such as this,” said Williams. “I’m not aware of many businesses or commercial properties who have made the move to solar energy, but from a long-term sustainability standpoint, it will enable them to lock in electricity prices and reduce reliance on an unpredictable expense, which helps them plan better for the future.”

Plocher Construction Company is the local developer for the $50 million mixed-use Trace on the Parkway project. The Trace will make up the residential portion of the complex, consisting of 166 luxury apartments which will be a mix of one, two and three-bedroom units. The project will also include 8 townhomes which are available for purchase. The project includes multiple amenities as well as convenient connections to the Madison County trail system.

Kunkel Wittenauer Group, the residential property management company for Trace, can be contacted at (618) 224-3320.  For additional details about this project, visit

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