#TRADESWORK Encourages Construction Trade Careers


St. Louis remodeling firm launches job and training initiative to increase the construction industry’s skilled talent recruitment.

How can America keep growing if there are not enough people to build it? The construction and remodeling industry continually seek answers to the skilled talent shortage. There is an urgent need for more trade professionals but not enough people to fill the positions and increasing labor shortages create less time and resources to devote to on-the-job training for new recruits.

With an eye toward a solution for this employment problem, St. Louis remodeling firm Mosby Building Arts is launching #TRADESWORK, an initiative to encourage work in skilled trade positions such as carpenters, electricians, roofers and plumbers.

#TRADESWORK emphasizes awareness, education and participation in skilled building trades with job postings and training opportunities in the Metro St. Louis area.

Awareness: Through the website trades-work.com, TV spots and social outreach, the program seeks to engage 18 – 25 year olds who want to train faster to get to work faster in good paying jobs with security and the ability to work anywhere in the world.

Education: The #TRADESWORK website shares information about the duties and typical pay of skilled trades, and aims to partner with schools and other resources to highlight their trade programs.

Job Postings: #TRADESWORK will share job openings at Mosby and other St. Louis companies.

Training: Inspired by Mosby Building Arts’ owner Scott Mosby’s commitment to excellence, the Scott’s Scholars program will choose five applicants each year to participate in a paid, intensive on-the-job training program with MBA. Details of the training program and how to apply are available at trades-work.com/scotts-scholars/.

The #TRADESWORK career initiative was developed, in part, by Mosby’s Vice President of Production, Tyler Cluff. “During the recession, the construction trades lost a lot of good people, and it’s a nation-wide challenge to bring new skilled workers into the fold. The work is out there, but younger generations are too often bypassing the opportunities for good jobs with good pay and career security. #TRADESWORK aims to entice people back into the construction trades.”

See the #TRADESWORK spot airing on Metro St. Louis TV stations.

For information on how to participate in #TRADESWORK, or to learn more, visit trades-work.com/contact


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