Training Progresses For First Class Of Loop Trolley Operators & Dispatchers

Active Operator Training in Delmar Loop To Commence Next Week 

The Loop Trolley project has reached another important milestone, as the first class of Operators and Dispatchers concluded its mandatory four-week classroom training in preparation for passenger service.

In the month of September and early October, the Loop Trolley headquarters at 5875 Delmar Blvd. was abuzz with activity as its first class of Operators and Dispatchers learned the ins-and-outs of the new Loop Trolley system, including important safety training, familiarization with the trolley and track systems, customer service and the Standard Operating Procedures which will guide them in their day-to-day operations of the meticulously-restored trolley vehicles. The first class consists of five Operators and three Dispatchers, with a second class of Operators planned in advance of passenger service.

“As the Loop Trolley team members actively engaged with operating the vehicles, this training is of the utmost importance,” said Tiffanie Manning, Loop Trolley Company’s Director of Operations. “We want to make sure anyone we place at the controls recognizes their role and responsibility to the safety of our future passengers.”

Led by Loop Trolley Operations and Safety staff – and by guest speakers from the fields of transit, first response and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance and sensitivity – the four-week course prepared Operations staff to safely transport passengers along the 2.2 mile trolley route. On top of their classroom training, each Operator must also complete 14 full runs to be considered certified for passenger service. Each Dispatcher will also complete Operator training in order to fully understand the trolley system and communicate effectively during passenger operations.

Trainees have so far performed active operations exclusively on the protected portion of the trackway east of the Des Peres bridge on Delmar and on DeBaliviere. Beginning next week, this training will move to the street-running portion of Delmar in St. Louis City and University City. Which means, for the first time, you will see the trolleys running under power in the popular Delmar Loop district. Kevin Barbeau, Executive

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