Vapor Mitigation Strategies’ Director of Technical Strategies and Applications Earns Certified Inspector Credentials


Wes Robb furthers VMS’ expertise in the field with Land Science Certification

St. Louis-based Vapor Mitigation Strategies, a Wellington Environmental company, announces Director of Technical Strategies and Applications Wes Robb is now a Certified Inspector of the Geo-Seal Vapor Intrusion Barrier product offered by Land Science. By completing the training and earning this recognition, Vapor Mitigation Strategies is able to provide the third party inspection required to validate the warranty on the product.

“Land Science offers a warranty for their vapor mitigation products, which is only enforceable if the installation is inspected and verified by a Land Science trained and certified inspector,” said Wes Robb. “Our company is dedicated to mitigating the risk associated with vapor intrusion, and this certification is a critical component of that.”

Wholly-owned by St. Louis based Wellington Environmental, Vapor Mitigation Strategies offers architects and contractors solutions when vapor intrusion is a concern for a new building project or an existing structure. A more comprehensive explanation of the company’s services can be found on its brand new website,<>.

Vapor Mitigation Strategies, a Wellington Environmental Company, offers vapor intrusion barrier solutions to both new building projects and existing structures.


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