Vapor Mitigation Strategies Opens its Doors

Wellington Environmental Company focused on eliminating Vapor Intrusion

Vapor Mitigation Strategies has launched with cost-effective barrier solutions for the growing issue of vapor intrusion (VI) facing the construction industry.

Wholly-owned by St. Louis based Wellington Environmental, Vapor Mitigation Strategies offers architects and contractors solutions when VI is a concern for a new building project or an existing structure. A more comprehensive explanation of the new company’s services can be found on its brand new website,

“Vapor intrusion is a growing environmental concern, and we’re seeing more and more new construction jobs that require some type of vapor intrusion barrier,” said Jackie Robb, principal, Vapor Mitigation Strategies. “Our knowledgeable team has more than 50 combined years of environmental engineering and consulting experience. We specialize in assessing job sites and installing these barriers to the exact specifications required by the builders.”

The risk of VI occurs when there is the potential of a migration of petroleum products or volatile chemicals from contaminated groundwater, soil, or a vapor plume into an overlying building. Petroleum products and volatile chemicals in the vapor phase may migrate through subsurface soils into indoor air spaces in ways similar to that of radon gas seeping into homes. These chemicals may include volatile organic compounds and certain semi-volatile organic compounds.

In addition to working on new building projects, Vapor Mitigation Strategies also provides solutions for existing structures whose sub-slab vapor is contaminated and the potential for vapor intrusion has been determined. The vapor intrusion barriers the company installs have been accepted by state environmental agencies, branches of the military and environmental consulting firms around the world.

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