WCOE National President meets with SBA in St Louis, MO


Women Construction Owners  and  Executives National President Sheila A Ohrenberg and Regional Director Dianna Richardson lead a meeting with local Women Construction Owners,   Maureen E Brinkley, District Director and Adrienne Foster, Region 7 Advocate  of the Small Business Administration, to discuss self-certification and upcoming opportunities for Women Construction Owners in Saint Louis, Missouri.

“Saint Louis is in need of a strong women’s organization”, Maureen E Brinkley, District Director, St Louis District Director Small Business Administration.
The event ignites a continued synergy for WCOE with more events to come including industry educational events, minority and women coalition meetings and networking events promoting women in construction industry.

The Core Purpose of WCOE:
To promote the role of women-owned businesses in the construction industry, to advance women in executive management positions within the industry, to provide resources to enhance the professional development of every member, to provide a network of executive women in the construction industry for peer-to-peer assistance and information, and to monitor and pursue legislation advantageous to women in general and the construction industry in particular.

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