Well-known St. Louis Awnings Manufacturer Adding Protective Product to its Line



A longstanding St. Louis manufacturer is innovating to meet clients’ needs as they meet the demands brought on by COVID-19.

Lawrence Fabric & Metal Structures, known well for manufacturing awnings, canopies, tension structures and industrial products, has also begun manufacturing sneeze guards for an array of customer-centric applications.

Jim Knoche, exhibit sales representative for Lawrence Fabric & Metal Structures, says like other manufacturers, the company is adding products to its line during these tough times to help businesses protect themselves and their clientele in a post-pandemic environment.

“One of our clients, a pharmacy, recently came to us and asked if we could manufacture a sneeze guard to be installed at the front counter, where the pharmacists interact with their customers,” said Knoche. “Since we already manufacture products with raw aluminum and acrylic plexiglass material on a daily basis, we were able to easily begin manufacturing this product, too. We’re doing our best to help clients equip their business storefronts for safe operation in a new environment spurred by COVID-19.”

Fast food businesses are also calling upon Lawrence Fabric & Metal Structures to order the sneeze guards, as are other customer-centric places of business.

The manufacturer is currently producing various sizes of sneeze guards, some that affix to countertops and others that are freestanding.

“Our sheets of acrylic measure 4 by 8 feet,” Knoche said, “so we can manufacture whatever size a business needs. Our product attaches with Velcro or double-sided tape, so it doesn’t need to be permanently attached, should the business’ needs change later on. We normally also manufacture products for trade show exhibits “That business has slowed considerably for the time being, so we’re innovating, like many others are, to remain successful and meet needs of clients that are emerging daily.”

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