Western Specialty Contractors Repairs Leaking Roofs on Two Texas State University Residence Halls


Western Specialty Contractors – San Antonio, TX branch recently completed a project to repair leaking roofs on two Texas State University residence halls in San Marcos, TX.

The roofs on Chautauqua and Gaillardia halls, both opened in 2012, were leaking and in need of repair. Opting not to do full roof replacements on the halls at the time, the university turned to roofing experts Western Specialty Contractors for a cost-effective solution.

Because the roofs were each less than 10 years old, Western recommended that they be re-coated to fix the leaks and protect the buildings from future water intrusion.

Often difficult to track down, roof leaks can cause extensive damage to interior finishes and lead to unhappy occupants. When surveying a leaking roof, Western’s experts check all aspects of the roofing system for vulnerable areas where leaks more commonly occur, such as penetrations around parapet walls and the building’s components that rise above the roof level such as a penthouse, elevator shafts, stair towers and the coping. Often the materials located above those details have aged and weathered, which can lead to deterioration that allows moisture to find its way behind a newly installed roof.

“Determining whether to replace a leaking roof or have it repaired is never an easy decision,” said Mackey Welch, Western Assistant Branch Manager. “Most of the time, the leaks are not caused by the actual roof, but by another component of the building system.”

Western’s crew installed a Tremco liquid-applied roof system to both roofs, which consisted of an AlphaGuard BIO base and top with an additional Solargard 6083 topcoat. The project, which started on Feb. 1, 2021, was completed in a month. Intertek – Professional Service Industries (PSI) was a consultant on the project.

Family-owned and operated for more than 100 years, Western Specialty Contractors is the nation’s largest specialty contractor in masonry and concrete restoration, waterproofing and specialty roofing. Western offers a nationwide network of expertise that building owners, engineers, architects and property managers can count on to develop cost-effective, corrective measures that can add years of useful life to a variety of structures. For more information about Western Specialty Contractors, visit www.westernspecialtycontractors.com

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