Youth Basketball + Technology = Larry Hughes Basketball Academy


Larry Hughes Basketball Academy (LHBA) has opened its doors as St. Louis’s premier basketball training academy.

While the facility is basketball-centric, Larry Hughes focuses on full personal development for youth athletes to motivate them to be leaders in all areas of life.  LHBA separates itself from other programs by uniquely integrating state-of-the-art technology into their training strategies.

TSI Global Companies, LLC , a local St. Charles-based electrical and technology integration company, partnered up with Kinexon and RSPCT to bring this technology to fruition.

“The cutting edge technology that Kinexon’s player tracking system and RSPCT’s shot tracking system, when integrated together, is ground breaking.  We had to work closely with the teams at Kinexon and RSPCT to ensure that we all delivered a single integrated technology solution for the client”, said Tim Duncan, Senior Account Manager, TSI Global Companies.

Additionally, LHBA is equipped with a ball handling room that brings athletic dribbling training and video games together to improve the dribbling abilities of its youth athletes.  This works by allowing players to work on particular skills through playing a game shown on a T.V. that records their movement and demonstrates where modifications can be made through data analytics.

LHBA is top of the line when it comes to integrating technology with sports training, and the program is developed specifically to help children be the best that they can be, both on and off the court.  David Austin, the General Manager of LHBA, who oversaw the installation of the technology, said:  “We are using technology also used by several NBA teams.  We evaluated several technologies over the last 24 months and found RSPCT and Kinexon to be Best-of-Breed.  Now our athletes can track every aspect of their training with us, allowing us to measure and optimize every step of their Improvement.”

LHBA is the pilot facility that was built in conjunction with its affiliate company, Basketball Training Systems (BTS).  The success of this facility has prompted BTS to continue partnering with Kinexon, RSPCT, and TSI Global Companies to begin working on building more facilities across the country.  Chris Paul’s Basketball Academy has just recently completed installation of the same technology in its facility in Winston-Salem  North Carolina, and TSI was the contractor for that installation as well.  BTS expects to see many more facilities around the country in the future.

If you haven’t checked out LHBA yet, check out their website at, or if you have children, drop by their facility for a free basketball skill development session.


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